Digital water level indicator dealer in Faridabad

Aquanzo is one of the topmost Digital water level indicator dealer in Faridabad. We are one of the premium and well-known digital water level indicator dealer in Faridabad. With the rapid decrease in underwater level. It has become necessary for us to use it responsibly. Automatic water pump controller not only helps to decrease wastage of waters but also gives the comfort from switching the motor ON and OFF.

It’s been a long time since when aquanzo has been working as one of the best Digital water level indicator dealers in Faridabad. We have installed our system in various commercial as well as industries sector. Our clientele is because of our quality services and regular support. And the best part of getting the system installed by us is that we provide it at the pocket-friendly rate.

Our water level controller alarm detector detects the water level of both ground level water tank and rooftop water tank in both the residential and commercial area. Once the water level down in ground level water tank or rooftop water tank then automatically water controller switches turns ON the water pump itself. And almost the same water level controller turns OFF the water pump when the water level reaches the high level and motor dry run. Apart from that we also provide a water tank cleaning service in Faridabad.


  1. The system automatically indicates water level in the underground and overhead tank.
  2. The different types of level indications are 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and 100%.
  3. The system can also be custom designed to indicate the water in any Tanks.
  4. The system can also provide a flow indication of water into the tank.
  5. When water level achieves 100% automatically alarm indication ON.
  6. The system comes with industrial grade electronic components and powder coated metallic enclosure.
  7. This system is based on AC sensing technology, hence the sensors and maintenance free.
  8. This system is suitable mainly for very huge storage Tanks.
  9. The system comes with the maintenance-free Level Sensors.

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