Water Level Controller Alarm in Faridabad

Aquanzo is one of the best water level controller alarm in Faridabad and also provide in whole Delhi NCR. Our company gives a free demo and also give the best services to our clients. Aquanzo is a water level controller alarm dealer in Gurgaon, Faridabad, Delhi. The company was established with the idea of imparting help in dealing with a shortage of water. Water level controller alarm indicates 4 levels of the overhead tank only. If water reaches 100% of the top level of the tank this controller alarm gives you continuous alarm directing to switch off the motor button & if water level below the 25% of the tank then this continuous alarm directing to switch ON the motor button.

As said by a well-known writer: –
“To a thirsty man, a drop of water is worth more than a sock of gold”.

Think of the time when there will be a scarcity of water. Being a water level controller alarm dealer in Gurgaon, Faridabad, Delhi- we focused on dealing with the issue of water shortage. Basically, water level alarm is a simple structure/mechanism to detect the water level. It is also known as a water level indicator alarm. Nowadays most of the residential and industrial sectors are getting it installed as a lot of time. IT gives comfort from the on and off of motors. In fact, their increase life of the water pump as the alarm

the unnecessary running of the motor.


Switch ON the button if the water tank is in the required mode. And switch OFF the board when the tank is full mode. This is an item mainly engaged to help people with water pump who already had little control over the functionality of the pump and needed to begin physical and stop the pump with every one of those uneasy techniques. Which make the activity of these pump challenging for novice users. It is a king gadget for a single stage of the water pump. Low AC voltage detecting circuit to keep away from the polarization of cathodes in water. These exceptional tempered steel plastics formed conductive anodes are Long life sensors and don’t require visit cleaning or substitution.