Water Level Controller Manufacturer in Gurgaon

Aquanzo is one of the best water level controller manufacturer in Gurgaon. Our company gives one of the topmost services related to all the water pump controller. Water level controller manufacturer in Gurgaon offers a solution to all the water-related problems. We are one of Delhi NCR’s leading company. And offering creative and simple to use the product for normal families and industrial needs. Our company is a registered trademark and known for its quality. We are the manufacturers and dealers of power to provide saving devices. For example Automatic water pump controller, Digital water level indicator, water level indicator, wireless auto pump controller, water level controller alarm for home automation.

Water level controller manufacturer in Delhi offered under the visionary observation of our experts, utilizing remarkable review segments in line with industry standards. Completely Automatic, If the controller doesn’t require an operator as it plays out its task automatically. Moreover, the proposed controller stops the motor when the tank is full and restarts it. When the water level achieves the half level in the water tank in light of water accessibility. With rich industry experience and learning. We are manufacturing this water level controller plenty of outlines and different specification at a reasonable rate.

Everywhere our system not only helps you but your neighbors and society also, likewise as it diminishes the wastage of water by cutting any further overflow than what you need.

Water level controller manufacturer in Gurgaon has the following unique feature:

1. When the tank is in reserve mode or empties. It automatically begins the motors if water is available in the tank.
2. If water is available in the line it indicates the nearness to the unit (Flow Indicator).
3. Its green colored 2 level indications (half tank and full tank) of water in tank addition 2 level indications (foot valve level and half tank) of the tank.
4. When motor light indicates green colored that means the motor is ON and when motor light indicates red-colored that means a dry run of the motor.

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