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Marine ingredients are an essential source of nutrients and flavour for animal feed, but they are a limited resource. Growing demand has led to over 90% of wild fisheries being maxed out or overexploited, including the species that are key ingredients in aquafeed.

By developing technologies for land-based, scalable artemia farming using agricultural byproducts, we aim to create an industry parallel to insect and single-cell sectors. This will result in a raw ingredient with significant advantages in taste and completeness. We seek to improve marine ingredients availability through developing a novel farming system, using local and undervalued feedstocks, and improve production with genetic selection. These enhanced marine ingredients can replace/complement those produced from wild-caught fish, addressing the growing demand for aquafeed without further exploiting the ocean's resources.


Our story

In 2021, Aquanzo originated from the FAST program (Food & Agriculture Science Transformer) by Deep Science Ventures, in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, the Roslin Innovation Centre, and The Roslin Institute. The concept emerged to tackle the scarcity of marine ingredients for aquafeed, a critical challenge impeding the sustainable growth of aquaculture. Co-founded by Rémi Gratacap and Stefanie Lobnig, the company officially took shape in February 2022.​The name Aquanzo originated from our desire to blend aquaculture and zooplankton, giving rise to the creation of Aqua-n-Zo.

Toward sustainable protein production

This fundamental shift in producing marine ingredients will support the growth of aquaculture, animal feed and human nutrition, while reducing the environmental impact by producing locally. 


Our Vision

To maximise sustainable aquaculture outputs while protecting the ocean.​

Our Mission

To domesticate and farm artemia as a feed with a low environmental footprint for optimal fish and shrimp nutrition.

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​"Building Aquanzo isn’t just a job; it's a mission to contribute to the protection of food security and marine environments."

Co-Founder & CTO 

“Aquanzo enables producing more essential marine ingredients, without increasing pressure on the Oceans."

Rémi, CEO

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