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Farming Marine Ingredients for

Aquanzo is at the forefront of developing farmed marine ingredients that leave no footprint on the ocean's ecosystem


What if we could farm marine ingredients sustainably, breaking free from the limits of the wild environment?


- Co-Founder & CEO

Innovative Marine Protein Farming

To meet the increasing protein demand of the growing aquaculture industry, Aquanzo is sustainably producing nutritious and natural marine ingredients for fish and shrimp diets.

We're developing land-based technologies to sustainably farm Artemia, the perfect natural marine ingredient for aquaculture.

Why? Because we are running out of fish food

Our global Oceans are exploited at their maximum, causing a 5 million metric ton fish food shortage by 2040, and climate change might impact what we take for granted.


Global aquaculture increase in past 30 years


Global fisheries increase in past

30 years


Exploited species at or over their maximum capacity.



Farming Artemia on land, at scale using agricultural byproducts

A new gold standard

Rémi Gratacap CEO & Stefanie Lobnig CTO

At Aquanzo, we are leading the transformation of marine ingredient production from harvesting to farming. In response to the crisis caused by the limited availability of fishmeal, a vital marine ingredient, we are pioneering technologies that farm artemia, a marine zooplankton, on land at scale using agricultural byproducts.

Our focus on engineering, genetics, and feedstock nutrition has demonstrated that artemia meal is nutritionally comparable to fishmeal. To pioneer this new industry, we have assembled a team of experts spanning fish nutrition to engineering and genetics.

Collaborating with the leading universities and industrial partners, we are scaling up our production system and innovating to use undervalued and underutilised agricultural waste streams, reducing environmental impact. These collaborations aims to accelerate the commercialisation of farmed marine ingredients, supporting the growth of aquaculture, animal feed, and human nutrition.

We strive to establish Aquanzo as a leader in innovative and sustainable solutions for a fundamental shift in marine ingredient production.


We aim to provide a solution stack to enable production of marine ingredients where they are needed, when they are needed and with minimal impact on the environment.

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We're proud to work with some 

amazing supporters.

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