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Meet the team

At Aquanzo, we are super proud to be a close-knit team dedicated to preserving marine life and fixing the food chain.

Image by Drew Beamer

At Aquanzo, I serve as the CEO, steering the company's Vision and Mission. My responsibilities include driving growth through strategic fundraising, fostering product and business development, and 

assembling a dynamic team. With a background in cellular and molecular biology, specializing in fish immunology, my expertise is rooted in the diverse realms of aquaculture. Co-founding Aquanzo in 

February 2022, I am grateful to be able to shap our journey and attracting a dedicated team to advance our mission. Our shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and positively influencing

our planet underscores Aquanzo's mission. As we continue to make waves with impact, I am dedicated to leading the team in responsible and impactful environmental solutions.

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Co-Founder & CEO

Image by Drew Beamer

As R&D Manager at Aquanzo, I lead the technical team in artemia production development. Responsibilities include

research, trial oversight, data management, and system support.  With over 10 years in sustainable aquaculture, I specialise in fish farming and aquaculture 

feed research. Embarking on my journey, I acquired six OATA certifications and earned a degree in Animal Welfare & Behaviour. This foundation laid the 

groundwork for a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences with a focus on sustainable aquaculture feeds, shaping my expertise 

in the field. I am also a very keen fish keeper. Being part of building Aquanzo enables me to contribute to 

achieving a goal while indulging in 

my passion for aquaculture.


R&D Manager

Image by Drew Beamer

I am responsible for overseeing all lab activities. From caring for artemia to planning and executing experiments, analyzing data, handling equipment 

repairs, and managing various lab-related tasks, I ensure a dynamic and efficient workflow. Currently stationed near

St. Andrew's,I focus on artemia biomass production at our second site. My academic journey includes a BSc in Marine Biology from the University of Hull, where I explored the biodiversity of invasive barnacles, and an MSc in Biodiversity Conservation from the University of Leeds, where I developed a population projection model for Caspian Seals. 


Lab Technician

Image by Drew Beamer

In my role at Aquanzo, I manage animal production trials and oversee laboratory operations at our main test site at Heriot-Watt University. I bring over six years of experience managing a lobster hatchery, where I led the production of juvenile lobsters for fishery restocking initiatives. My expertise also includes maintaining and constructing Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) and conducting research to improve species survival and growth.


Senior Operator

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In my role as the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Aquanzo, I specialize in designing and scaling innovative processes, contributing a rich background in both industry and startup environments. Holding a Masters in engineering, my journey spans roles from process engineer to product and technical project manager.

Aquanzo's mission is not just a professional pursuit; it's a 

passion deeply rooted in my farming background in Austria. The commitment to crafting transformative solutions, utilizing 

waste products to produce a crucial marine ingredient, resonates with my dedication to innovation, sustainability, and positively influencing our planet. At Aquanzo, we don't just make waves; we make waves with impact. It's more than a goal; it's a mission to lead in responsible and impactful environmental solutions.

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Co-Founder & CTO

Image by Drew Beamer

As the lead designer for Aquanzo's indoor aquaculture systems, I specialise in hydraulic and mechanicalselection, process innovation, and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. With a background in 

civil andwater engineering, I have 15 years 

of expertise. My achievements include designing Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) and CO2 degassers, creating energy models for RAS systems, and developing an IoT system. 

A significant milestone in my career is establishing a sustainable, fixable system for artemia production. Known for my ability to seamlessly switch from serious to fun, I contribute creativity and dedication to detail-oriented problem-solving to Aquanzo. 



RAS Design Engineer

Image by Drew Beamer

In my role at Aquanzo, I am responsible for the 

supervision of animal production trials and the overall 

management of laboratory operations at our 

main test site, Heriot-Watt University.

With a background in microbiology, 

I specialize in plant and soil microbiology, 

microbial ecology, and antibiotic discovery. 

Beyond my scientific pursuits, 

my journey has equipped me with 

crucial transferrable skills, particularly

in self-motivation and effective

management, which I honed during my PhD.

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Junior Research Manager

Image by Drew Beamer

I Design, build and maintain the IoT systems in Aquanzo

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IoT System Technician

Image by Drew Beamer

I am a design engineer at Aquanzo, dedicated to optimizing our production and operations by developing and implementing engineering solutions to overcome production challenges. With a broad academic background including an integrated BEng & MEng in Materials Science and Engineering and an MRes in Graphene Technology, my expertise spans various interdisciplinary fields. Passionate about sustainability, I believe in the significant role of sustainable aquaculture in benefiting society and the environment. At Aquanzo, I aim to demonstrate the viability of sustainable options and push the industry towards positive change. 


Yuning Zhou
Design Engineer

"In life I am striving to minimize our impact on the environment and contribute to conserving nature. Joining Aquanzo allows me to pursue this goal while indulging in my passion for aquaculture."

Dr Kieran Magee, R&D manager


Join the Aquanzo team and be a part of the future of aquaculture.

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